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Search Engine Optimization Cincinnati


Where is your companies website?

In-depended marketing studies show that nearly a billion local businesses related Internet Search Engine Searches occur monthly and that number is only going up, making local market search engine advertising essential for acquiring new customers, and being able to sell products and services.

Yellow Pages Hard Copy Is Yesterday‘s
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About Search Engine Optimization Cincinnati

The practice of getting websites ranked within the organic search results of Internet Search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL, and the other search engines, or search directory services, however, be careful the rules are constantly changing, overstepping the boundaries can result in your website being blacklisted, or even permanently removed from search engine listing such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines. Once they blacklist a website, its time consuming and expensive to get your website unblocked and back up the list.

Search Engine Optimization Cincinnati

About Cincinnati SEO Strategy

Can improve your website's search engine ranking. For example and not limited to Google, Bing, and Yahoo have two types of listings "Organic" and "Sponsored Links". Organic is a free listing and Sponsored Links is paid advertising.

For instant gratification a sponsored listing is the way to go. If properly setup you can see a profitable return on your advertising investment, if not you are just throwing your money in a black whole. If you don't feel comfortable with managing a sponsor link campaign we can help.

SEO Basic Breakdown
Organic Search Results
(Free Listing)
Sponsored Search Results
(Cost Per Click)
How it Works The targeted website organic search engine ranking is determined by many factors, and can be dramatically improved by maintaining, adding fresh content, optimizing according to best SEO practices and procedures. Your website appears in the sponsored area of the search engines listing based on the keyword you search results. Keep in mind there is a cost per click fee associated with this listing, however it can be managed within the parameters of an advertising budget. This could be as low as $1.00 US Dollar per day or even less
Achieving Top Ranking Weeks, Months, maybe even a year. A Few Hours.
Ability to Target Local Customers A medium level of accuracy can be achieved. A High Level of Accuracy can be achieved, within virtually any geographic area.
Level of Control Medium: Web pages can be configured with content and certain keywords in attempted to target specific geographic areas, however to be realistic in order to get page one listing in generic categories would be mission difficult due to the large number of website trying to accomplish the same goals. High: highly customizable, where the ad can be controlled in great detail.
Performance Tracking Reporting Software can track the targeted sites search engine performance, however cross referencing and analyzing information can be questionable. Using CPC performance can be achieved with more accuracy by funneling the CPC traffic though a landing page in conjunction with an analytical software program.
Investment Dollars Do it yourself Cash Low, time involved High. Hire an Expert: Cash Medium - High. Do it yourself Low. Hire an Expert: Cash Low.
SEO Tips
  • HTML Layout: Is very important to a well-designed website. Use bold tags where your keywords are within your page.
  • Webpage Titles: Make sure the title is different and relevant to each webpage within your website.
  • Deep Linking: Make sure you have as many links coming into each of your web pages.
  • Foreign Links: Get your business listed outside USA and link it back to your site, for example Canada and the UK.
  • Social Networking: Bookmarking your site within Social Network sites
  • Newsletters: Offer articles to ezine publishers that archive their ezines. The links stay live often for many years in their archives.
  • Website Navigation: Use Text links over image links in your navigation bar.
  • Article Exchanges: is best over link exchanges.
  • Website Sitemap: Add a site map to your site it a must: if your are not sure how to set one up call us 513-898-9958 we can help.

More About what is search engine optimization and how Scopious Technology can help improve your website's Internet Search Engine page ranking though organic keyword searches.

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