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About SEO is defined as the process of finding visibility for your website though the process of Search Engine optimization. If your website or webpage is ranked high, you will have more visibility and hence more visitors. You can develop an image search, local search or academic search as well as a video search for your site that will place you high on search engines. The most popular search engines are Google and Yahoo!. Read and follow their rules for optimization that can be found on their websites.

  • Determine keywords that your visitors will type into a search engine to find your site. Associate coding to increase relevance to specific keywords. Use backlinks to other sites to draw visitors to your site. Keywords need to dominate search engine intent and interact with search engines. To illustrate, a search engine will retrieve web pages based on words entered into the search box. Spelling, punctuation and capitalization will also help in optimizing search engine usage.
  • Search engines measure keywords on a web page. If your keywords are not relevant or if you have flooded your site with keywords, crawlers will reject your page and optimization will be reduced.
  • Search engines use “spiders” to crawl through your web page to determine the information on the page. Using keywords will allow these spiders or crawlers to find your page and bring it up on the search engine.
  • Optimize search engines by cross linking between your website pages. This will help improve visibility. Write content that has frequent search keywords or phrases and change these often. Do keep them relevant to your website; however, do not “stuff” your keywords.
  • Use relevant keywords in you webpage’s Meta data that includes the title tag and descriptions. List your URL on different sites that are similar to your site. Try affiliate marketing and “piggyback” on sites that have high search engine optimization.
  • Do not spam; you will be permanently deleted from search engines if you engage in spamming techniques from your website. Spam on a search engine can be considered as multiple affiliate content, duplicate content, and content pages that have no value.
  • Trusted web sites that will be optimized on search engines are those that are “different” and unique. If you have low quality and duplicate content on your personal blog, then buy a spammy URL from directories you will not have a high ranking. If you post your information in conjunction with a trusted site such as Wikipedia you may get your site viewed high, though, even with spammy URLs. Placing your website’s URL on trusted web sites or being an affiliate of a trusted web site will increase your web site’s pagerank and consequently increase you’re listing within search engine results for specific keywords.

Whatever you do, do not get banned from a search engine by using obvious spam, writing low content, and having duplicate websites. Once you have been rejected by a search engine, you may not be able to get back in good standing with that search engine. You will have to rebuild your website from scratch.

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