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Cincinnati Website Design Process
The Process of Implementing a Website


Website planning process for building a website, the following outlines a basic website designing process that covers all of the steps in planning a new or updating existing website.

Website Design Process

Step 1: A Website "Why"
What is the purpose of the website? Start by outlining the reasons why you are planning on building a website.
Who is your targeted market for the website? Kids, teenagers, adults, seniors, or break it down by researching Gen Y, Gen X and the Baby Boomers, or sexual preferences.

Step 2: Website Feature List
Make a List Website Features.
Is the website just informational?
Are you planning on selling products via a website shopping cart mechanism such as setting up an e-commerce feature?
Are you going to be maintaining a website photo gallery?
Are you planning on posting website testimonies?
Do you want to allow website members to have the ability to login and have the ability to update their account information via website form?

Step 3: Website Sitemap
Build a Website Site Map
Draw out your conceptual view for each web page and label each web page with a descripted web page name, for example Home page, contact us, testimonies, login, Photo Galley, Book Store, and so on.

Step 4: Website Content
Each website page most have at least 250-500 words of textual content, especially if search engine ranking is important.

Step 5: Search Engines Listing
Getting Listed on all major search engines.
What Keyword searches do you want to come up within?
Are you looking for short term gratification for search results, or are you looking to a more stable long term search engine ranking.

Step 6: Internet Marketing
How do you plan on bringing visitors to your website?
Are you going to focus on Social Networking?
Search Engine listing, or Search Engine Advertising?
TV Commercials
Radio Commercials

For Additional Question Please feel free to call for advise in planning your next website project.
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